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    Default help have a big hole in sheetrock

    hi i have a foot and a half or so by 3 feet hole in my sheet rock i am wonder about the easy way to fix it i still have the pieces of Sheetrock i don't know if it would be a good idea to cut them out of the wall and just but some wood backs in there and then put the pieces back in and just tape and so on or what to do

    thank you for you time and help

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    Default Re: help have a big hole in sheetrock

    Repairing large holes in drywall is somewhat easier than smaller holes.

    1- Make the hole into a nice, evenly sized rectangle with square corners. Pretty much doesn't matter where the cuts are, but there are some tips; If you can get the cut to land in the center of an existing wall stud- great. If the cut lands next to a wall stud, just add more 2x4 to the wall next to the old stud. If the cut winds up between studs, then add more wood.

    2-When adding 2x4's to the wall, inset them perpendicular to the wall, the same as the existing wall studs. The temptation to lay them flat is high, but new 2x4's can easily warp, making your repair look poor in a few weeks.

    3- Use drywall screws to secure the wood framing where needed. Use course threaded screws for wood, fine threaded self tappers for metal stud framing.

    4- attach your new single piece of drywall with drywall screws.

    5- Use drywall seam tape and wall mud (either pre-mixed or powdered) to float the seams.

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