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    Default Renovation Ideas

    Our home is an 1890 "Federalist" style(never heard that before but someone told us that). We have been in the home 14 years and it's time to remodel the kitchen, dining room and back entryway.
    I need to know where to find some ideas? I need a design that works with the rest of the house. I want to open up the kithen/dining room into one big room with either an island or at the least, a counter to sit at. I don't have a clue where to start. We have to take out at least one wall. The back porch needs to come off entirely and be replaced. First, I think I need a design. Can anyone tell me where to get ideas that fit such an old home?

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    Default Re: Renovation Ideas

    pick up some different magazines, such as finehomebuilding, or different design mags. make a small sketch of your floor plan and draw in what you want added, then consult a designer, they can modify it so that it works. from there you need a architect and engineer to spec the structural aspect after that permits and a contractor
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    Default Re: Renovation Ideas

    I would start with an architect.

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