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    Default Re: getting additional heat into the kitchen?

    If you can get a dedicated electrical circuit to the kitchen, I would recommend these. You will be limited to 1500 watts (appx. 5000 btu's) per circuit:



    Be sure to get one with a built-in stat unless you want to run more wires. $125 and up.
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    Default Re: getting additional heat into the kitchen?

    Quote Originally Posted by paintman161 View Post
    Yes i do have them come right off the end of the main trunk, actually i have two, one for the kitchen and one for the dining room! Only thing about going back 18" from the end i would need to add a 90 deg and then the 45 deg, should i keep it the 4" or increase the size to 6"? Kitchen size is about 12'x12'

    You should take both supplies off the end and cap it, bring one back 18 " and the other about 36", two runs should never be across from each other. Actually for that size room 2 6" or 1 7" would work well, make sure you put in takeoffs that have dampers' 4" is way way to small. You should have right around 155 CFM's coming into the kitchen. You should also make sure that you furnace has been sized to handle the heat loss. All this is without knowing how much insulation or what type windows you have but it will get you close to where you should be. There are plenty of free Load Calcs that you can download off the Net.

    Good Luck !!
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