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    Question What is it? Concrete Square in Backyard

    Our 1891 Victorian in northern NJ has a concrete square in the backyard, about four feet across. The center has a small circle where a hole must have been filled, also with concrete. Can someone tell me what this was? Something to do with an old septic system?

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    My mothers house has something similar, although her house is about 40 years younger. It was used to dry clothes.

    You would stick the aluminum clothes drying rack in the hole. They look something like this:

    Don't know if that is the same thing you have, but they were fairly common.
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    Could be an old cistern, used to hold the household water supply prior to the home being connected to a "public" water supply. This way, homeowners didn't have to haul water by the bucketful from the pump back to the house. Water was hauled and the cistern filled. They could just work the pump at the kitchen sink and later, just turn on the tap as we do now. Many of these old cisterns were left as a back up in case the public supply went down for some reason.

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    It could also be a well cover and it use to have a hand pump.

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