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    Question Tile subfloor buildup

    I am contemplating tiling my interior entryway floor. It will be required to buildup the existing entryway floor to match the current living room floor level. The buildup should be approximately 1 and my intent is to layer the buildup as follows:

    Two layers of 1/2 plywood (opposing layers), one layer of Hardibacker or cement board.

    The current floor is concrete and I understand that I should seal the concrete as a vapor barrier, but is it appropriate use plywood on two layers or should I just layer the whole buildup with Hardibacker or cement board and what could I use to fill any existing void between sheets, mastic? and what am I missing?

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    Default Re: Tile subfloor buildup

    i would seal it first with drylock or similar material then lay down a plastic vapor barrier. use 1/2" PT plywood on the cement floor and use a concrete nail gun with 1" nails that have washers attached. this can all be purchased at home depot or lowes. then put the second layer of regualr plywood on top screwed down to the first one then your hardibacker or cement board screwed to the plywood.

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