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    Default Correcting Ice Damming

    I've posted two photos below that illustrate the magnitude of my icicle formation and possible ice damming.

    In July 2009, I purchased new gutters for my house at a considerable cost. These were a one-piece, nationally sold system that is guarenteed not to clog. Last winter and again this winter, I have had huge icicles forming on the front and back of my house, some as long as 9 feet. I've also seen iced several inches thick. I'm sure there is ice damming going on. This wasn't a problem until 2009/2010 winter and this year.

    The gutter company says it is not the gutters but a lack of insulation in the attic. You can see in the photos that snow remains on the roof and there are roof vents on the back side of the house. I cannot add more insulation because I don't have an attic...the interior ceiling follows the roof line.

    The gutter company website says, "Several factors contribute to the forming of ice dams on a roof. The primary cause however is poor attic insulation and ventilation. This causes ice and snow to melt as a result of heat radiating from underneath the roof and then freezing again once the run-off water reaches a colder surface area i.e. an overhang, a gutter cover or a leaf protection system. This process can lead to the forming of icicles on these surfaces."

    I paid for these gutters with an inheritance and do not have the money to experiment to see what works. These gutters came with the Good Housekeeping guarantee.

    These gutters form a serious threat to anyone nearby. Large chunks have fallen that were several inches thick and several pounds. (Look above the back door.)

    What should I/could I do to fix this situation? What type of person should I hire to fix this: a roofer, gutter installer, electrician to put in some type of snow-melting system?
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