I started with this-

A simple yet inviting front porch. Although, truth be told, we never used it due to an abundance of bugs. Figured I'd try to create a screened in porch. This would be a great chance for me to learn all kinds of skills that I didn't possess .

Got pretty far

I would say we gave up some curb appeal, but we gained some outdoor space that has fewer bugs.

Started to put some trim on the inside. This product is made from recycled materials and supposedly holds up well in an exterior environment.

but I just wasn't happy with the way things looked, particularly on the exterior. The screen tight cap and base that was so appealing in the beginning, because of its ease for the DIYer, now appeared kind of cheap/tacky.

FALL 2010
I kept having the following conversation with myself: "I want to get this project right and I have a decent amount of small errors to correct. I don't want to be the guy who half asse! a DIY project. I want to get it right, and I will. In other areas of my life, I've always been able to admit when something could be done better and I've developed my skills enough from the start of this project to go back and fix things."

So I started deconstructing :blink:

Took all the screens out and removed the caps and bases. Back to where I was in May with this project.

A question

I'd like to use a moulding for this project that looks better than the vinyl or plastic caps and bases. I also don't like the recycled moulding I used on the interior. I realize I have to put something up that is able to handle the harsh weather, what would you suggest? Thanks for taking a look.

It's tempting to just pull the whole dam! thing down, but then again I've come pretty far and I still like the idea of having an outdoor space that is screened in. It's been a fun and frustrating journey. I expected nothing less!