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    Default painting vinyl walls

    How do I paint vinyl walls in a modular home so they wont peel and how do I get rid of the strips in between.

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    Default Re: painting vinyl walls


    There are acrylic based primers on the market which will adhere to the pseudo wallpaper used in manufactured housing. Try Glidden's Gripper , Behr's #75 primer or Zinser's 123 primer.

    The gaps that result when those matching moldings are removed can be treated as if they are drywall seams. I would use the thinner , self-adhering fiberglass tape over the seams. Feather out the tape with a couple coats of dry wall mud. The finished seam will be about a foot wide. Use a sanding block to sand the seams. After sanding, spot prime the seams. Follow by a general primering of the whole wall. If you will be using a strong finish color, have the primer tinted toward the finish color.

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