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    Default wall stove/micrwave combo install

    I was wondering if anyone had some tips about installing a new combo wall oven/microwave. Our 20 year old builder model is about gone. I know the size of the cutout in which the old one was installed. The cutout has a floor of plywood on which the new appliance will rest so that's no problem. The width is no problem either. It's the height that is the issue. All available choices are either a few inches shorter or many inches taller. How do installers go about making the new appliance fit into an old cutout hole? Do they use some filler panels in black plastic or stainless steel for example? Where would I get some of this? Do they saw up a piece of wood and use that as filler at the top? I can't use filler at the bottom because I would assume that the oven must rest on the inside floor panel of the cabinet. So, if the unit is smaller, you must add spacing at the top???
    If someone has a thought about this, I'd appreciate their experience.

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    Default Re: wall stove/micrwave combo install

    If this unit is in a cabinet I would try to go bigger with the new unit rather than smaller. Only because it seems to be easier to me to cut a larger hole than to try to install a "filler" that will match the cabinet and look good. If the height becomes an issue because of doors at the top of the cabinet you can get some of the required inches from the bottom and the top. It is a little more involved to move the plywood base lower, but usually can be done. During our kitchen remodel I had to adjust the opening size on our new double oven cabinet to match the unit we bought and it was a real "measure about 30 times before cutting" moment as I was a little nervous about messing up the brand new $$$$$ cabinet.

    If this is an opening in the wall that is framed and uses drywall around the opening, I would go with the smaller unit and do the drywall repair. My aunt had a set up like this and when she replaced her oven I helped my uncle repair the 2" gap.

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