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    Default Large Cement Shelf/Block in Corner of Cellar

    My cellar walls are made of hand-cut fieldstone and are approximately 1.5 feet thick. In one corner of the cellar is a 4' by 4' cement block approximately 3' high (about 48 cubic feet). I am not sure if the block is solid cement.

    Does anyone know why this was built or what its purpose was? I saw a simliar block in the corner of another house in this town, but the homeowners also have no information on it.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Large Cement Shelf/Block in Corner of Cellar

    Howdy, that size block makes me wish i knew whom got it down in the basement they had to be way strong or smart. Only blocks i've seen that big were used on some old railroad bridges.

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    Default Re: Large Cement Shelf/Block in Corner of Cellar

    It may have been a platform for some kind of tank or cistern. Or it may have been a cistern that was eventually filled in.
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