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    Question Low Water Pressure

    Incoming water pressure in my condo is only 38 to 40 PSI. Not good enough for my dishwasher and showers. After 40 years working for a water heater manufacturer, I know that optimum incoming water pressure should be at least 60 PSI. Question is can I install a pump to increase the pressure without a pressure tank? I simply don't have the space for a tank.

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    Installing a standard well pump without a pressure tank would mean that the pump would start EVERY time a faucet is opened. If there is a very slow stream, it would probably start and stop rapidly and repeatedly.

    Also, without a pressure tank near the pressure switch, you can get a situation where the pump starts, the pressure surges over the cut-out pressure, the pump starts, the pressure drops again below the cut-in pressure, and the whole cycle repeats. Not real good for the pump.

    That said, I did manage to find this product which may be just the ticket:

    And this website associated with the above product:
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    Fencepost, that is an excellent system but it still requires a tank. Also, since it has a vfd controlling the motor, I am guessing it costs about $2K. If he is on a public utility, I would have them check the valve at the meter. If he is on a well, talk to the owner about increasing the pressure.
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