Recently we upgraded our washing machine and it's been working great! Since it is a new front loading machine the water doesn't fill all at once--it enters the machine in what seems like short bursts. When that occurs it causes our water pipes to jump and knock around so that it sounds like something is trying to escape from them. Is this a problem with the washer or a water pressure issue in my house?
Also, since this has began we've heard a low rumbling, almost like a growling sound from the water lines when we flush the toilet, turn on a faucet, or run the dishwasher. I'm no expert but it almost sounds like we have air in the line and it can't vent out.

Can someone please advise me or give help me diagnose what's going on in my home? The house is only 10 years old and we haven't made any adjustments to the fixtures etc. since we moved in.
Thanks for any help.