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    Question Poured concrete patio

    Because of the elevation of my back yard I want to pour a concrete patio slab that will be higher than the top of the concrete basement wall and rest against framing of the floor joists and plywood sheathing.

    Is this a wise design? I'm worried about condensation from the stone and concrete rotting out the wood. Is there a safe way to design the concrete pad and protect the framing of the house?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Poured concrete patio

    I seriously doubt you want to do that. It sounds as if you would be running water right up to your frame wall as well as the moisture issue you mentioned. also an invitation for insects to eat your house.

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    Default Re: Poured concrete patio

    Fdaug123, what did you end up doing?

    Sounds like I have a similar situation to you... I have a back door that sits on top of the floor (that rests on top of the floor joist on top of my basement wall). I'd like to be able to step out the door onto something that is at the same level as the floor inside my home... i.e., I don't want to step down.

    I am thinking of making my patio about 6" lower than the top of my [concrete] basement wall, and building a wooden landing that rises up to the level of the door base and has two steps to get down to the patio.

    Thanks, Mark

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