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    Default Hot water pressure

    The pressure on the hot water side on the kitchen faucet and the bathroom faucet has diminshed drastically. Need some troubleshooting ideas to determine what is wrong. Thanks, Joe...

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    Default Re: Hot water pressure

    Look for a corroded galvanized fitting. (Of course, you can't tell it's corroded without taking it apart )

    I had one on my water heater (after 7 years of use) that had an effective diameter smaller than a pencil. I replaced it with a brass nipple. I hate galvanized steel pipe for water supply.
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    Default Re: Hot water pressure

    I agree with Fencepost, but also check the screw-on AERATOR at the end of the spout of each fixture (this can be chrome or plastic)---this should screw right off with hand pressure or a pair of pliers; wrap a small piece of electrical tape around it first to avoid scratching the chrome finish.

    Block the drain with a rag or paper to avoid losing the parts down the drain.

    Make sure you note the SEQUENCE ORDER IN WHICH THE PARTS ARE INSTALLED---getting the order wrong on re-assembly is another major reason for low-flow.

    You'll see a screen inside that may be clogged, along with a washer, sometimes another screen, or perforated disc---soak them all in vinegar for 1/2 hour before re-assembly---turn on the water full blast to see if there is enough flow in that particular line---if the flow is restricted with all spout parts out, look elsewhere, like a tempering valve in the cellar, which can be opened & closed several times to loosen any accumulated crud.

    Some of these one-handle faucets have a diverter valve that sometimes wears out, restricting flow.

    Google the brand name of the faucet, such as "Peerless faucet parts assembly" to get an exploded diagram of the faucet.
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    Default Re: Hot water pressure

    Does it only happen on the hot side at these two faucets? If so then it is not the areator. It might be the stop under cabinet. You can try and loosen the supply tube and crack open the stop and see what kind of pressure you have then. How does it affect the shower or tub?

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