About 3 weeks ago, our well water began being cloudy. Our small farmstead is in an area that has notoriously slow percolation. Most of the people here use cisterns and buy water in town. Before we bought this place, they buried 3 shallow water wells, removed the cistern and dug a bored well 80 ft. deep. We have run the well dry before, but after giving it a week to recuperate, we resumed using the well and the water was clear and has always remained so. A few weeks ago, they deepened the ditches in the field next to our property to re-route the field run-off. Could that have cause a disturbance in our well that stirred up clay? It has been an exceptionally dry year and we are wondering if we have started pumping clay because the well is so low. We are also wondering if the casing cracked and clay is seeping in. Is there any way for us to tell what is happening to the well without calling a professional? If we open the well and run a string down to see how high the water level is, do we have to shock the well? Thanks for your help.