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    Default Mushrooms growing under linoleum in entryway

    There are mushrooms growing under the linoleum at the entryway door to my home. I have to dig out and then use bleach to stop the growth. I then caulk the floor back down. They were gone for awhile but eventually come back. I'm told that moisture may be causing the problem. Any ideas on how to kill this growth for good?

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    Default Re: Mushrooms growing under linoleum in entryway

    You defnitely have moisture coming in from somewhere. I'd want to get the linoleum up off the slab or sub floor and see where the moisture looks like it's coming. If it's wood under there, you could get termites at some point too. They love wet rotten wood. Until you stop the moisture, you're going to have mushrooms. Lift the threshhold under the front door and see if there is moisture coming under it. You may be able to just put in some caulk and keep the moisture outside.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Mushrooms growing under linoleum in entryway

    Also, bleach should never be used on porous surfaces. If it's soaking into wood, plaster or anything else, you're feeding the problem because bleach is 95% water and after the chlorine kills the shrooms, the water stays until they have time to regrow themselves. Buy a commercial fungicide/mildewcide for this purpose. Bleach is great for the kitchen or bathroom, but compounds problems like this.

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