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    Default Rough-cut floor joists

    My 1901 home has "settled" about 4" on one end over the last century. I intend to re-level the house and pour a new foundation. To do it, I want to run new reinforcing "I" beams beneath the floor joists BUT, the joists were rough (VERY rough) cut so no two are exactly the same width. Where support beams were originally run, each joist was hand cut with what appears to have been an adze or similar tool. To run new beams, I need to cut a 6" wide spot on each joist to get an even depth on each of them. At about 60 feet, that is a lot of work doing each joist. Does anybody have an idea of how to do this quickly and accurately? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Rough-cut floor joists

    you pretty much have to set the beam, then from there jack each joist individually and shim them accordingly to make them level. its not a quick fix, ive dont this many times
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Rough-cut floor joists

    Howdy , with out knowing anything else about your project. Be advised notching a ^" cut into 60 foot of structural members could result with collapse , death .....So 60' is a very long span that sounds like you will need to break it up into 15' sections? Setting the beam and shimming each joist to level per each section of the 60'would likely have a much happier outcome....
    Have you considered having a house moving company jacking up and securing the house so it is then safe to do the foundation work?

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