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    Smile Past issue--Paint type?

    Hello! I read an issue of TOH recently (not sure how old the issue was), and there was a short article regarding a paint that leaves a hard, shiny finish. I feel like it was by a popular paint company. There was a photo of some red shelves in the article. Anybody remember something like that? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Past issue--Paint type?

    Sorry, I don't remember the article to which you refer. I would , however, make a general observation on paints for shelving and furniture: avoid the use of latex/acrylic paints for this use. Acrylics retain a soft, gummy feeling. They never get hard , as do oil paints. If you set items of weight on an acrylic shelf, if will tend to stick to it. This tendency of acrylics paint becomes more prominant when it is humid.

    This is a generalisation. Paint technology continues to evolve
    and may overcome this problem in the future, but for the present, I would stick with oil/lacquers etc. for this use.

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