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    Default convert single to double pane sash

    We have a bazillion double hung sash windows in our 1911 Bungalow. Anyone know of articles or techniques for making new or converting single pane windows to double pane (for the insulative value)



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    Default Re: convert single to double pane sash

    id i'm not mistaken TOH did an old victorian house a few years ago, not sure but i think it might have been in Newton, MA. in that episode they called in a guy to convert all their single paned windows to double paned insulated glass ones. maybe someone else here would know how to find that info.....but it can be done

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    Wink Re: convert single to double pane sash

    Marvin Windows has a system where you take out your old sash, put in their jambs and their insulated sash. I just found out about it and don't have anymore information, but you might want to contact them for the total package of information.


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