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    Default Pruning overgrown bushes in front of house

    I have foundation plantings that are 21 years old and have become overgrown despite my aggressive pruning on an annual basis.

    The question is can my bushes handle what I have heard called rejuvenation pruning? They are holly bushes (boxleaf I think) and rotunda folia bushes. I also have azalea bushes but I can prune them as they have not gotten so big yet.

    If the answer is yes, then how far can I go, etc. would be helpful.



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    Default Re: Pruning overgrown bushes in front of house

    Can you be more specific other than rotunda folia bushes? If you are referring to a specific species called rotundifolia we'll need to know the genus name.

    You can prune the holly back as long as you don't prune more than 25% of the foliage every year. Prune out whole branches rather than shearing them while still retaining a natural shape.

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