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    Default water pipes freezing

    I live in a 100 yr old cottage in Colorado...........My water pipes are located just inside an outside wall with 1/2" thick siding. They have some batting-type insulation wrapped around them.......and 1 pipe has a heat tape....which may not be working ( the lite goes on but pipe has frozen anyway.) Would stacking some bales of hay alongside the wall where the pipes are help insulate them? My landlord is not interested in solving this problem......I'm looking for a creative, practical solution. I do trickle water when the temps reach 22 degrees or less.....but sometimes the temps drop quickly and unexpectedly.......and have done so several times before I could get home to trickle water..............and of course the pipes froze and burst. I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanking someone in advance!!! McKenzie
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    Default Re: water pipes freezing

    Best advice I can give you is to move and find a landlord that values his property and you as a tenant.

    Stacking straw bales against the side of the house might work, but it's more likely going to prove fruitless for anything but growing mold on the side of the house.
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    Default Re: water pipes freezing

    Don't wrap the pipes in the insulation. What you are doing is insulating them from the heat of the room. Place the insulation between the pipe and the outside portion of the wall and get the water lines as close to the heated area of the wall a possible. Also caulk any cracks the would allow cold air to enter the wall. The quickest way to have a water line freeze is to have it in a cold drafty area.


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