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    Unhappy Toilet started to back up regularly

    Hey all, FNG here. The toilet in my front bathroom has started to plug up on a daily basis when flushing solids. It has had problems in the past but that was maybe once a month. This bathroom backs up to the rear bathroom and the rear bathroom does not have a problem with not going down. They both are the same model of toilet and use a common drain line to the street.

    Using a plunger will get it to flush again, but just for a short while. I have used a 3' closet auger on it and had no luck improving the problem. As well, nothing came up when I used the auger.

    It has been some time since I reset this toilet. I used one of those wax rings that has the rubber/plastic flanges on the inside diameter of the ring.

    I thought that maybe using Charmin/Cottenelle was the problem as it is a thicker paper. So I switched back to Quilted Northern that we had been using before this happened. It still plugs up...
    Any Ideas, Suggestions, or an M-80 to fix it???
    Thanks, Rick
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