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    Default Insulation for walk in closets

    hello, I have a question concerning insulating our 2 closets on each side of the upstairs bedrooms. The house was built by my grandfather in the mid 40's so codes back then were minimal. First off I'd like to know what type of insulation to get (R value) for the ceiling in these closets which actually are the roof rafters.

    And the main question...these rafters are 24" on center so I need 23" wide insulation. Can I get it this wide?? if not what are my options?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Insulation for walk in closets

    Howdy, how much insulation depends on where you live Good rule of theum is R38 ceiling and R19 in walls.
    You can rent a blower and easily install cellulose insulation on the ceiling . The width of joist only matters if you want to install bat fiberglass. You can cut bats to fill the space ( i lay a 2by4 on the bat press down and with a sharp razor knife it cuts like butter).
    However bear in mind if the ceiling plaster or drywall is fastened to the roof rafters then you either blow in fiberglass or cellulose or pull down the ceiling and install bats. The cavity should not be filled completely with insulation but about 1.5" left open for air movement. Are the any roof vents and sofit, eve vents? Or is the ceiling fastened to ceiling joists with a attic above it?

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