Hi folks, I had a plumber come to do an estimate for a small leak in the town water pipe right before it entered my house. We weren't getting any water leaking in the basement so it wasn't a big emergency, but we could hear it.

We were on vacation at the time of the estimate, and instead of calling us to give us an estimate, the plumber just fixed the pipe without asking. In the process, he broke one of my lawn sprinkler pipes while digging next to the house (which is going to cost us $300).

The plumber said he gave us a good deal at $1000 for fixing it. I was still a little ticked because if he said he was going to do the work, I would have told him to watch out for the sprinkler pipe. And I was also a little ticked since I never authorized any work to be done.

1) Should the plumber knock off $300 to pay for the broken sprinkler pipe?

2) Is $1000 really a "good deal" for replacing the water pipe as it comes into the house?

Thanks for the help on this! Much appreciated.