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    Question Help wiring light kit for ceiling fan

    I need a little instruction on making the proper wiring connections for a 3 bulb light kit for my ceiling fan. My first attempt resulted in a thrown breaker. I have been looking for soem specific instructions on the various web sites, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Could you refer me to the right site?

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    Default Re: Help wiring light kit for ceiling fan

    If this is a new install or replacement of an old light, I would re-read the instructions included with the new item. Then recheck all the connections to ensure I didn't cross up a couple of neutral and hot wires. If I still couldn't find the problem, I'd remove the fixture, make sure the source hot, neutral and ground weren't touching one another, then I'd use a test light to ensure that which I think is hot really is hot.

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