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    Default Bath Fan Timer Switch Install

    Trying to replace a simple toggle switch for the bath fan with a timer switch.

    The wiring in the box is 2wire (black/white/ground) which works great with the toggle switch.

    The timer switch I want to replace it with has black/white/red/ with a grounding nut.

    The red wire is the "load" wire, but......where do I attach it to? It seems the white wire is the load wire coming into the box from the fan. So if that's the case, where do I attach the neutral wire from the switch to? The only possible place I can think of is ground, but is that right/safe?

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    Default Re: Bath Fan Timer Switch Install

    I'm guessing it's an electronic timer that requires hot (black wire), neutral (white wire) and load (red wire) connections. Your switch box has only the hot and load connections. While connecting the white wire to the ground would make it work, doing so would neither be safe nor permitted.

    You would probably be better off getting a wind-up timer switch, which doesn't require the neutral connection.
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