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    Default Mortar for Soft Bricks

    I need a recipe for mortar to be used with old soft brick. My mother's 1868 brick home needs repointing/mortar work in places easily accessed by me. However, new mortar mixes are too hard for old soft brick and I need a recipe to make the mortar more maleable. Can anyone help me out with mortar for "soft bricks". Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Mortar for Soft Bricks

    If you are going to mix your own mix you will find some of these mixtures that state that they are historical correct.
    One part White Cement.
    Two parts Type S lime.
    Nine parts sand.
    In my opinion this mix will exceed the PSI requirements.
    You can also find this mixture premixed and baged it is called 9-2-1 blend as produced by Bonsal.
    The ASTM minimum for the above is 1800 PSI and could reach 2300 / 3000 psi

    I use a mixture manufactured bt Cooks Stucco Atlanta, GA.
    It test at 250 PSI and rated as a Type " O " mortar.
    Also look into using NHL ( Natural Hydraulic Lime ) it has different PSI rating based on mix Like NHL- 1 NHL - 1.5 & NHL-3
    Check with Virginia Lime Works.

    depending on what area you are in also look at U.S.Heritage Group Inc.Chicago, Il

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