This old house has multiple problems -- big ones! Do we hire help and try to salvage it or cut our losses and run?

The current biggest problem is this propane leak that my dad's "let's tinker with it till we find out what's wrong with it" style of fixing things is having problems with. But it consistently has problems with plumbing, the electric, and the water softener, and it needs new floors, windows, and cabinets, among other things. The ultimate goal was to fix it up ourselves so my parents could sell it when all the kids move out, because it's on a beautiful 11 acres of wooded land with a river, and it has a lot of potential, but at this point my dad's getting too old and it's getting too run down. So do we still hire people to fix it up and try to make more from the sale than what we spent fixing it or cut our losses and run? Thank you very much!! Marcy