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    Default Help with Transom Operator installation

    I've built a new/old house, Victorian farmhouse style, using vintage millwork, flooring and fixtures from 1890 to 1910 houses (and one 1890 hotel) from which I salvaged everything that I needed. I finished the interior door slabs to my satisfaction, and then had a local millworker hang them for me, ready for the builder to set in place. Six interior doors also include transoms, which open with hinges at the top. I also have the original transom operators from the old hotel. I'm ready to install the transom operators now, but, as is my habit, I like to research these things before I begin drilling holes in millwork. It would seem there is a bit of trial and error necessary in order to find precisely where to position the hardware for maximum leverage. Also, I'm having difficulty understanding just how the hardware would provide a closed position--- the transom wants to pull open a bit for its resting position and the operator doesn't pull it shut. I am not able to locate any installation information or tips about such an install on the Web. Can you help with some tips on this? Thank you. Bruce M, Hartsburg, Missouri

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    Default Re: Help with Transom Operator installation

    Did you ever figure this out? I'd be interested to see the answer.

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