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    Default Re: Leaking where basement wall & floor meet

    Had a major downpour April 26-27, which brought considerable flooding, although not as bad as in March. Before it occurred, I had made a floor plan of the treated areas and was able to mark where the water came in over the 2-day period. I noticed quite a bit of the Xypex had chipped off where it overlapped onto the floor and water seeped in under it. I called Xypex headquarters and was told there would only be chipping if the Xypex hadn't cured long enough (10-14 days, which wasn't the case in my situation) or the surface had not been roughed up enough to allow the crystallization process to occur properly. I also was told that all of the chipped Xypex had to be removed and the surface roughed up more or holes drilled into the floor perimeter, before reapplication. I removed what loose Xypex I could (with a wrist problem) and collected a substantial boxful.

    When the contractor came, he said, as he had before, that he didn't know why the flooding occurred, so I told him I knew that and had contacted Xypex headquarters to see if they might know. I told him what they had told me and he was livid and defensive, and said the surface was rough enough and he would not drill. He had other drainage suggestions, all of which would have lined his pockets, but were not logical (not installed at the low spots, for example). He had his worker apply more Xypex around the perimeter without removing any more of the chipping Xypex, but not in the stairwell or other difficult to reach places, where there had been profuse leaking and he hadn't roughened the floor to begin with. I contacted the sales rep who came over later. He said I might have gotten a bad job. I'm waiting for another prolonged downpour to see if the last treatment the contractor applied took care of the problem. The rep promised to help me work this out and asked me to call him next time there's seepage. (Most likely, this will happen in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend.)

    Believe it or not, this is a summary of what actually occurred. My impression is that the contractor is a typical homeowner's nightmare. I can only hope that when there's more (inevitable) seepage, the rep will be able to help me solve the problem. Not only is the contractor unlikely to be willing to come back, but I really don't want him in my house.

    Unfortunately, I can't really evaluate Xypex at this point. It's probably fine and the application is only as good as the contractor, who was supposed to be wonderful. Maybe I've at least said something here that will help someone else.
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