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    Default gas hot water tank making warm not hot water

    My 1999 A.O.Smith gas hot water tank (part# FSGL-40J00N010S24, serial# MC99-041697-S24) has been working fine until last 2 days. It comes on and heats the water, and turns off OK, but the water is only luke-warm (tank is not leaking). I drained it but only got tiny amount of sediment. It does gurgle and bang during the heating cycle. It used to get hotter the more you used it but now it does not. Could it be an anode rod or dip tube problem?
    thanks for any advice you have

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    Default Re: gas hot water tank making warm not hot water

    The anode only protects the unit from corrosion but the dip tube and thermostats could be the issue.
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    Default Re: gas hot water tank making warm not hot water

    if my memory is right 1999 is about when perfection (mfg of 95% of dip tubes) started to have production problems. remove the cold side nipple out of top of tank. chances are the dip tube will probally either not be there anymore or it will be about 3" long. if this is the cas go to your local plimbing supply and spend about $5 on a universal dip tube. you will need to cut it to lenth but that is easily done by sticking the tube in the tank measure the excess and cut off an extra 2"

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