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Thread: slow drain

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss2534 View Post
    MY tub drains slowly, how to fix this without tearing up the bathroom?
    maybe something is clogging in the kitchen whole!!
    try calling a plmber.. its now i know,


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    First thing is to diagnose the problem with a special camera. Then once you've found where the problem lies you can look at possible fixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brightguy View Post
    Before using a harsh chemical drain cleaner, you might try a home remedy first. A combination of baking soda and vinegar is often effective for a stubborn blockage that is causing a slow tub drain. A half cup of baking soda is poured into the drain, then a half cup of white vinegar.

    The drain should then be covered and the mixture allowed to stand for several minutes. Then, prepare a pot of boiling water and pour this down the drain. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will cause fatty acids of a clog to dissolve, and the water will wash it away, ending the slow tub drain.

    If this remedy is still not enough, a stronger chemical may be applied. One of the newer drain cleaners on the market that can end slow tub drain is Drano Dual Force Foamer. It is safe for bathroom pipes and for septic systems. This is applied directly down the drain and allowed to foam to dissolve whatever is blocking the pipes. It is then washed down the drain with hot water.
    I use this method of baking soda/vinegar once a month as a preventative in tub and kitchen sink...keeps things running smooth

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