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    Question Getting rust off white ceramic tile

    My toilet leaked at the intake valve. It was slow enough that I did not notice for awhile and now there is rust on the white ceramic tile floor. What will remove that?

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    Default Re: Getting rust off white ceramic tile

    i've had good luck with "CLR" you can find it at Home Depot.....oh, and CLR stands for Calcium, Lime and Rust remover

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    Default Re: Getting rust off white ceramic tile

    You could try some muriatic acid. (hardware store or big-box)

    Fair warning: Muriatic acid gives off vapors that you do not want to be breathing. (Can/will "burn" the lungs) Make sure you have ventilation in the area; place and run a fan in the room.......and/or hold your breath while applying. And it is caustic to flesh. Wear rubber gloves when applying if you're sensitive. (Flush your skin with water promply-ish, if you get any on you. Be particularly careful about handling it so you don't get any splashes in the eyes)

    Take a smallish soft cloth, fold it up and wet a corner of it with some MA and then apply to tile...carefully. Don't allow any to get on the grout (bestest if don't anyway) as it will eat it up in relatively short order. Leave in contact with the rust stains for 15 - 60 seconds MAX... and then flush/wipe off with copious amounts of clear water. Rinse again. Cross your fingers. Hopefully, it will remove the rust stains from your tile.

    Another "safer" approach that *might* work (for the uninitiated/experienced) to make a slurry/paste of water and a product by the name of Iron-Out. (hardware store or big-box. Look near the area where the water softeners, water filters and such are.) Apply this paste to the affected areas and leave it for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse off several times with water. Cross your fingers.

    If the Iron-Out doesn't work......move on to the muriatic. Remember.... 60 seconds MAX contact and rinse it off. Longer than that and you risk eating into the glazing on the tile. If the stain disappears faster than that......rinse away as soon as it's gone. Might/frequently only take 5 seconds. It just depends.

    FWIW.....I have never personally had success using CLR for this type of problem.
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