I have a Goodman package unit that is, maybe, 20 years old with an HK10 heat kit installed that has burned up and it not working. It happened when the blower went out last year. I'm trying to replace it, but am having a difficult time finding an HK series. Supply houses seem to only sell the HKR series. In fact, I purchased the HKR10 by mistake.

Looking at the HKR, it seems much "beefer" the the HK that is there now.. wires are bigger, disconnect is larger (still 60 amp), etc.

I'm pondering installing it anyways by doing some small fab work on the HK's box. (The HK is a distinctive box that encloses the disconnect. I'd have to essentially cut out the old components and mount the new ones and use the old wire harness).

What are you'll thoughts? Good idea, bad idea? Anybody done this before?