howdy folks, for those who dont know me from the boards, im a senior poster for 3 years or so. i am a licensed carpenter in canada and work in high end renovation plus new construction.

back in febuary while installing a custom trim package on a complete reno my knee swelled up with fluid but and stayed like this for several weeks, slowly getting more swollen and more painful. then went in to get it looked at by a gp... she told me its bursitis or "water on the knee", told me to take anti-inflammatorys and it would go away. 3 months later it was still there and even more painful.. went into emerge,,, had to wait 3 hrs to be told by another gp something i already knew... a week after that my family doctor got me into orthopedics.. when the doc asked how long its been like this he immediatly drained it removing almost 60 ml of fluid. 1 month later i went for a follow up. doc said the fluid had high white blood cell counts and traces of staph... so antibiotics... another month later drained again put on antibiotics.. 2 weeks after that the doc called me to tell me the second draining had bacteria in it so antibiotics once again....4 weeks ago another draining.. 3 days after it filled up again...

so.. in 4 or 5 days im getting the bursa removed which means 10 days completely off the leg, and 2 or 3 weeks off work..

whats this enitle.. listen to the elders.. for homeowners who think what we do is easy pay more respect to the crafstman who love what they do and beat up their bodies building the dream home you always wanted and now are getting. for teh diy'ers wear knee pads, and if something is causing pain stop doing it immediately, take a rest, ask a buddy to help to make it less strenous, or hire a pro but dont treat them like their less than you