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Thread: Ivy in my yard

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    Default Ivy in my yard

    I have Ivy growing in my yard in various spots. How do i get it out without killing the grass it is growing in. Is there any thing that I can use to kill only the Ivy and not damage my grass? Tks and Happy Holidays TA

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    If you mean english ivy, nothing will kill it that won't kill the grass. Gyphospate(roundup) will not kill it. Digging it out is the only way I know to remove it without killing grass.
    If you mean ground ivy or creeping charlie, a good lawn weed killer like speedzone will kill it when it is actively growing.

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    Default Re: Ivy in my yard

    Triclopyr may be worth looking into. Trade names I have seen include Garlon or Brush-B-Gone. It only effects broadleaves and is pretty effective against woody plants like poison ivy and glossy buckthorn. It won't kill grasses or conifers and is often used in forestry to help young conifer seedlings a fighting chance against brush.

    You may need to have a licensed applicator treat your yard.

    Good luck.

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