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    Default Uses for Holland Pavers

    I recently started a patio project in my back yard. I got a great deal on 3500 holland pavers that were left over from a large project. My patio only needs about 2/3 of the pavers. Im trying to decide how best to use the rest.

    I would like to make a retaining wall and a fireplace with them. Can I mortar these pavers as if they were bricks to make a fireplace? Are there any reasons not to use them?

    All the pavers are the same size: 8" W x 1.75" H x 4" D

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    Default Re: Uses for Holland Pavers

    I'd be more inclined to use them to make some paved walkways.
    I believe those pavers have spacing notches and the edges are rounded. Because of that, they wouldn't work well for a vertical wall.

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