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    Does it cost more to heat a house to let's say 72 degrees and maintain that temp. Than it does to just heat it to 65 degrees and maintain that temp. I cannot understand why it would cost more to hold at 72 as 65. Except for the initial energy needed to get it to 72...74..or any higher temp. Does it cost more to maintain the higher temp?

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    Of course it costs more, it will take more fuel to maintain the higher temp

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    Heat loss increases as the temperature difference across the insulation increases. If it is 65 inside and 65 outside you have no heat loss or gain. (not counting radiation like sunlight). If it is 65 inside and 0 outside you will have a lot of heat loss depending on your insulation. If it is 72 inside and 0 outside, you will have even more loss for the same amount of insulation.
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