for some reason, this winter our house seems to be very dry. we have a whole house humidifier (mounted to furnace) which is set at approximately 40% - 45% R.H. the water is on, and flows through the screen/filter pad (new pad), the fan in the humidifier runs fine. everything seems to be working correctly, but we still are getting zapped with static electricity a lot and it basically feels dry. we don't have a humidity gauge of any kind, but i'm going to get one just so we can actually check our settings.
just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what else i could check, or what could be wrong, before i call our HVAC guy. i'm puzzled
if it helps at all the furnace is a Carrier "weathermaker SX" gas forced air furnace with a model 49FH (possibly carrier also, but nothing on the case or owner's manual) age unknown.