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    Default Patio bench slats?

    My husband and I have been a avid DIYers for a long time and have done many projects around the house, but we have searched for repalcement bench slats for my 2 wrought iron benches for some time without finding good strong hardwood to replace the molded and deteriorating slats that came with the benches. Most wood recommended at the stores are too sofe and will sag without a center support, which I do not have. What do you suggest?

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    Default Re: Patio bench slats?

    I would try oak, as it's one of the strongest woods out there. You will probably have to use a little thicker material than the original, particularly if large people will be sitting on it.
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    Default Re: Patio bench slats?

    I used 3/4 red oak with many coats of marine poly. not completely happy with the finish though. Maybe there is a better method or product. The oak works well however.

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