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    Default Pipe leaking in bathroom floor

    Our home is an old Tutor, built in 1922-1924. Came in the other day, to water dripping from my foyer ceiling and down the wall. Obviously, there is a leak in the bathroom plumbing above the foyer. The pipes in the floor are the original galvanized pipes, and the leak is not visible in the bathroom. I need to know the best way to fix this problem. I have been told that the old pipes were put in the concrete that they used to pour in old bathrooms, and that the wonderful original floor will have to be broken up to get to the problem. Is this the usual case, or can the pipes be accessed from the ceiling below??? We are in the process of having a shut off valve put in to the upstairs plumbing, so this is not an emergency, I just want it done right, and hope to preserve the integrity of this old house.

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    Paula Early- Maede

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    Default Re: Pipe leaking in bathroom floor

    Depending where the leak is you should be able to access it from below. It may also be in a wall and have to be accessed from that point. I have never seen them run under the tile floor. If that were the case you would be able to feel worm spots in the floor when running the hot water. If it is galvanized pipe I would say it's time to re-pipe.


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    Default Re: Pipe leaking in bathroom floor

    Be fore you take out a ceiling or floor why not use a flexable opic scope it will require a hole about 5/8 inch max dia.put the scope in and you will be able to see between the top of ceiling and the bottom of the upper floor.
    I would think that in 1922 the top of the floor joist were beveled ledgers nailed to the sides of joist boards placed on ledgers and than the floor poured on top for the tile base.If you use the scope you will be able to see the boards between the joist.

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