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    Default Sump pump discharges every ten minutes.

    Hello, I am a home builder in the Kansas City area. In 2007, I deconstructed a house (photo 1) and built a new home on the existing lot. During the excavation, there was no evidence of water (photo 2) once the home was built and the sump pump was wired, we noticed a water issue. The sump pump discharges every ten minutes or so, regardless of rain, snow melt, or season. I know there are options to drain the discharge and we plan to address them, once the weather improves. My question is why would this be happening, and most importantly, can this affect the foundation? I have no problem paying a consulting fee, or donating to your program. Thank You, Brian Flynn President Brian Flynn Homes Inc. Westwood Hills, Kansas

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    Default Re: Sump pump discharges every ten minutes.

    It seems to me that your sump pump is doing exactly what is supposed to do.
    I'd guess that your foundations should be fine, but only as long as the sump pump is working properly and keeping up with the demand.

    Now, as to why is your sump pump is discharging so often. It is hard to tell for sure without inspecting the place but it could be one of the following:

    - A faulty pressure switch
    - A faulty check valve, that is causing the pumped water to flow back into the pit.
    - A leaky, clogged, collapsed or improperly installed discharge line. Sump pump discharge lines rely on gravity to divert the water away from the foundation. If the line is not installed properly, the water will come back. Where does the discharge line ends> Is it tied to a sewage system or something? Those are all things to consider.
    - Drainage issues. Your foundation drainage system is faulty and needs to be serviced.

    Above a are only a few of the most common causes of problems such as the one you're experiencing. The only way to know for sure is to get a waterproofing and sump pump expert to take a look.

    The good news is: you might not need to pay anything for an expert opinion. Good companies usually will inspect the place for free, so you can call at least 3 of them, see what they have to say and suggest, and then make an informed decision.

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    Default Re: Sump pump discharges every ten minutes.

    I would say possibly that no check valve was installed. I have been a plumber in the Blue Springs area for many years. There is a lot of ground water in this area. I have seen sump pumps run non stop before. I have had to put two pits and pumps with battery back up pumps before. Maybe a french drain would help,

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