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    Unhappy Door Chime Buzzing

    My door bell quit working around Thanksgiving, so I have replaced the door bell button on the outside and I get a buzzing sound at the chime box when you depress the door button.

    What can be the cause of this problem and how do I fix it??


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    Default Re: Door Chime Buzzing

    Was it doing this before changing the switch ?
    Could be a stuck solenoid in the chime unit. You could try and take the cover off the chime unit and see if something is lodged in the way of the plunger or try and manually move the plunger to see if it freely moves.
    Other than that I don't know of any replacement parts for the chime unit other than replacing the whole chime unit.
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    Default Re: Door Chime Buzzing

    Was the door chime old? Check the transformer. You may have an older transformer for the unit that is only 5VAC output on it to the chime unit. New models require a 16VAC-10VA. It's a couple bucks at Lowes.

    I just went through the same issue when I replaced my aging, very ugly unit. With the new unit I would press the button, it would buzz, and when I depressed it the chime would go off. However it's supposed to be a 2 chime. Changing out the transformer did the trick and I get a chime on the press and depress now.

    P.S. - This is assuming you're talking about a wired system and that you replaced the chime unit with a new model. Otherwise what Canuk says is right. If there aren't any obstructions in the chime unit the chime unit or the transformer may simply have died.
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