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    Question Installing Saniflo product...

    I plan on installing a Sanistar wall mounted toilet in a bathroom in our basement. The unit has a built-in macerating pump and discharges through a one-inch pipe. I plan on installing a sink in the bathroom and attach it to the unit as well. The spec's. for the unit allows a maximum water temperature of 95 degrees F. My question is, hot water from the water heater is above 95 degrees F. Should I use some type of mixer valve on the hot water side of the sink to prevent temperatures above the toilet's specifications? Thanks.
    Doug Wine, Naperville, Ill.

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    The hot water from your sink shouldn't cause any problems under normal circumstances. If you left only the hot on for 15-20 minutes the pump would stop working on thermal overload but would be fine again after it cooled.
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