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    Question squeaky floors

    I have a problem with floors in a ranch house with basement built in 1957 with 3/4 x 8" tongue-and-groove sheathing and decking. The 2x8 joists have shrunk away from the subfloor which is at a 45 degrees bias, and along with the tongue-and-groove oak finish floor is sprung or floating, allowing movement and noise. Short of cutting all of the sub and finished floor out, and starting with new plywood subfloor and finish floor, is there any way to mitigate this problem?
    I thought of using wedges and screwing up from the bottom, and even using expanding foam to fill the void and sort of "glue" the joists to the subfloor. Some folks have suggested jacking the center double 2x10 support girder and joists up to tighten the system.
    Can someone give some good suggestions for MY OLD HOUSE???
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    i think you answered your own question. if the floor is level and not bowing up then you can use shims to support the subfloor above the joists then screw at an angle through the joists through the subfloor. if the floor is not level then you would want to jack up the joists and screw like i just mentioned, then remove the jacks and the joists will pull the flooring back down.

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