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    Default No water from cold water faucet

    About a year ago (maybe a little longer), the faucet in our downstairs 1/2 bath would not produce cold water when the cold water handle was turned into the on position. I replaced the catridge inside the faucet and it didn't help. A short time later, the cols water began working again, and we didn't have any issues since.

    Over the last month, I've been modifying a small part of our plumbing in the basement; plumbed in a new frost free spigot and some new interior shutoff valves on the opposite side of the house, which necessitated shutting water service off at our main valve. Just last week, after finishing this work, I went to bleed all the house faucets. Again, I'm getting the issue with the noted faucet not producing cold water. Can anyone hazard a guess as to why this has happened?
    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default Re: No water from cold water faucet

    When you say * not produce cold water * we're guessing you mean no water at all?

    Sounds like a blockage in the cold water line feeding this faucet -- perhaps at a shutoff at the sink.

    When you shutoff the main then turned it back on has the blockage reappear.
    If there is some galvinized pipes still in use for the water supply then it's more than likely the source of debris.
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