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    Default 1st drywall mud/ tape applied, some lifting edges

    I've done the first pass of mudding the joints and the wetted paper cut to each, it has gone pretty well. however a few spots of this tape have had edges lift as they dried- guess I got too much mud squeezed out from under it.
    Is this something to fix before the 2nd coat of mud? If so, how? Do I trim it back to where it is firm with a sharp utility knife? force in mud under the edge and let dry? Or just ignore it and trust/ hope the 2nd-3rd+ layers work to settle it?

    should 3rd+ skim coats be a thinner finish grade mud?

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    Default Re: 1st drywall mud/ tape applied, some lifting edges

    Oh my God! WHAT?!?!?!

    Yeah, it sounds like you were a little aggressive with your mud removal. You can deal with the tags in a few different ways.

    1. edges can be lifted and mud worked under, then gently smoothed flat again. Bubbles can be sliced and filled in the same manner.
    2. larger tags can be removed altogether. The tape really just needs to span the joint, a little off the side isn't going to hurt anything. Key words, "a little", meaning a few inches. If you remove more than that, you run the risk of the tape failing should there be any movement in the wall.

    If you don't reseal loose edges and bubbles, they will continue to telegraph through the proceeding layers of mud.
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