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    Default Suggest a CREATIVE REUSE TOPIC for our 10 Uses column

    Got a clever use for an everyday home product (like the ideas featured in our 10 Uses column)? We might feature it in our upcoming Reader-Created issue. Share your ideas here!
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    Default Re: Help Us Choose a Topic: 10 Uses

    Olive oil
    Baking soda (I think you can do better than last time!)
    Twine (but it's gotta be good)
    Wire hangers

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    Default Re: Help Us Choose a Topic: 10 Uses

    cardboard wrapping paper tubes (I'm using mine between two upturned curtain sconces to display bracelets for my jewelry business)

    cd case organizers (also using mine turned on its side to display earrings for my jewelry business)

    brown craft/packaging paper scraps

    plate display stands

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