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    Default Exterior cedar porch posts

    We have recently purchased a 15 year old home. It is a NM stucco with turned cedar posts and corbels on the porches. These have been very neglected. On the back side, away from the elements, they still seem to have the original sealer - not sure what it is- maybe a varnish of some sort - on the front side totally weathered and faded - on the bottom 1/4 black from the tannin in the wood is my guess. I am at a complete loss as to how to restore these posts to their original beauty or if it is even possible. Suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Re: Exterior cedar porch posts

    Hi consider contacting one of the local companies that build adobe homes for their suggestions on what to do to the posts..

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    Default Re: Exterior cedar porch posts


    I would treat your cedar posts as if they were decking members. I would strip them with a deck stripper, followed by a cleaning with wood brightener. Deck strippers are generally caustic and will remove the remaining finish. The oxylic acid brightener will even out the coloration of the wood and remove the graying of the wood.

    As to finishing: I would lean toward an oil based deck stain. There are many good ones on the market. If you desire that varnished type look, look into Sikkens Cetol DEK. It imparts a varnished like look, but is a breathable coating, much less likely to peel than regular varnish.

    What ever finish you use, it will require periodic refreshing coats, probably every 2 or 3 years. Follow the manufacturers instructions and make assessments as to how it is holding up.

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