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    Default Maintenance requirements on High Efficiency Boilers

    Hi - I thought I had it all figured out, and was ready to hire a plumber to replace our heating system, when I ran into another plumber who had some conflicting advice for us.

    I had decide to get a very high-efficiency boiler, the Burnham Alpine. The other plumber said that cast-iron boilers are the way to go, they are more reliable, require much less maintenance, and last much longer. He said the Alpine needs to be disassembled every year and cleaned, whereas a cast-iron boiler needs only a triennial cleaning. He also said that the heat exchangers were not as durable, and we'd be looking for another heating system in 15 years time.

    Is there any truth to this? I can't get much help from the boiler's user manuals or the manufacturers contact line.

    Thanks so much

    Ron Rothenberg
    Exclusive Buyer Broker
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